Model stories written by students.

Identifying information about patients and providers has been altered for privacy


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Honesty is Key

A student contemplates the history and significance of the Patient Bill of Rights.

While many policies that are implemented in the medical field today are the result of much evolution over the years, arguably the most important implementation into modern day medical culture is the policy that mandates a physician to inform the patient of their medical condition(s).


Your Secrets That You Never See

A student calls for more transparency in medical record-keeping.

In every medical practice, medical professionals take copious notes, charting your height, your weight, your ring size and your favorite pop star. Charting, recording and typing are such an integral part of the expected dynamics of a typical doctor patient visit...


The Screaming Speeding Metal Box in Which the Injured Ride

A parody of the inefficiencies of emergency medicine.

On my third week visiting the United States of America, a rather traumatizing event occurred. The Americans have rather intriguing metal “A” frame rack that allow them to reach higher places, and while I was climbing upon one to access the roof of the expertly designed shanty I was staying in...


Sterility: The Foreground for Medical Culture and Public Opinion of Medicine

How latex gloves symbolize the culture of medicine.

I grew up in a world of white. Walking into my doctor’s office when I was younger, I remember inhaling the smell of hand sanitizer, seeing the white walls, white laminate and white latex gloves flooding the room.