Model stories written by students

Identifying information about patients and providers has been altered for privacy


The Healing Touch

Observing physical interaction in a hospice teaches a premedical student the power of compassion.

We are in a quaint, lavish nursing home located outside of the city. It is very beautiful and comfortable; it feels like a home. I follow the RN into one of the rooms to meet Ms. Jane (name has been substituted for privacy). Ms. Jane is now well into the later years of life. She is mostly unresponsive. 


For Family or Funding

After a visit to a private nursing home with a religious mission, a student sees a contrast between the familial environment he observed and his previous shadowing experiences.

The current United States Healthcare system is changing rapidly. As “government medicine” grows, private health institutions are filling a unique and useful role in the health landscape. During observations at Heaven-sent Estate, I was able to explore the private healthcare system first hand. 

Anybody Up for Lex-mex?

Observing a medical interpreter leads a student to reflect on cultural barriers in medicine

Being in a country where you don’t speak the language can be quite a daunting experience. Just asking for directions can be a difficult task. Now imagine that you or a loved one suddenly falls ill or gets injured. How are you going to get help, explain what happened or understand what treatment medical professionals are trying to provide? 

Family Friendly Zone

A student puts her visits to the family doctor in historical context.

White floors, white coats, white blank walls… Walking into your family doctor’s office you can almost see the sanitation.  Everything is slick and bright in an attempt to see every germ that could possibly be there but lately there has been something else infiltrating those white clean walls.  What do I see?  I see a bunch of pictures of smiling unfamiliar faces.  But wait, there is one that looks familiar.