Model stories written by young professionals/students.


Thriving in the "Black Hole"


Attention and pain; these are two very important things I crave. I love the attention from the doctors and thrive off of the pain of the patients. I go by many names, often changing forms depending on the situation I am in. Perhaps some of my most common names known to the species called humans are Cancer, Asthma, AIDS, and Flu. However, you can call me by my real name, Esaesid.

I have had many experiences with the human race and I have come to realize how odd they really are. What puzzles me the most is how the men in the white robes treat me. I mean, I am not complaining at all. They treat me like I am royalty. What puzzles me the most is how they treat people of their own species. They know my name how, how I live in my home, how I eat, and many other things about me. The funny thing is, they barely know their own people’s name. The white coat men and women come in and treat them more like they are a number. You would think that I was part of their species and not the other way around.

From the moment I find a new home and get settled in, I begin to snack on the human’s pain. Unfortunately for me, many times they start to notice. This species then goes to a place that I like to refer to as the “black hole”, or what they commonly call a "hospital". I call it this because often times the human species walks into the “black hole” and never returns. It’s actually rather frustrating for me because I have to find a new home and redecorate and everything. It surprises me that they continue come back to this place where I am treated better than they are and they may not ever come out. I told you they were a rather strange species.

The fun begins as soon as my human steps into the “black hole”. They go up to a desk where they write down their name on a numbered piece of paper. They then go sit down and wait. Did I mention this is one of my favorite inventions the human race has made? My human often waits for a long time, sometimes even hours! It is a fantastic idea! I get to become more comfortable in my home. The best part is that sometimes, if I hit the jackpot, my human becomes tired of waiting and decides to leave and come back another day. You know what that means for me, more time to redecorate!

After the waiting period, comes my next favorite part. I get all the attention from the men and women with the white robes. After my human gets settled in a room, they come in and immediately start asking so many questions about me. I mean, I know I’m good looking, but you would think the patient wasn’t even in the room! The doctors talk on and on about me, sometimes completely ignoring my human. They use really big words in their discussion with each other and this thing that their race calls confusion begins to creep into my home. I welcome confusion with open arms because confusion often leads to one of my other friends called fear. The cool thing about fear is that it often causes my human to stop talking and to be scared of the men and women in the white robes. Therefore, they don’t want truly express how they are feeling. Which gives me more time to thrive off of the pain of my human.

Don’t get me wrong, the men and women in the white robes are very good at their job. They often probe me, pick at me, and attack me with these white ovals that invade my home. All of this makes me very mad because sometimes I have to end up finding a new home. However, they are almost too good at their job.

The coldness and distance of this species is a very strange concept to me. I always love going into the “black hole” because I get to see all my relatives and friends. I immediately ask them if they are comfortable and how they are doing in their homes! I genuinely want to know how they are. I still take note of their new homes, but I also want to see how they are feeling. The thing that is so puzzling to me is that the human race seems to do the opposite. I feel like they treat their own species like they are a problem to be solved. The men and women in the white coats come in and immediately pay attention to me, they rarely care about details about my human. The strangest thing about this race is that they are treating me, rather than their patient.

-Stephanie Hayden