Animated tutorials on the fundamentals of shadowing.


Video 1: Exploring

If you’ve begun exploring the health professions, you might wonder- why do people think shadowing is so important? And, if I want to shadow, how do I get started? Watch to learn more.

Video 2: Preparing

Before you shadow, there are three important steps you must complete first! Watch to find out the best way to prepare for your shadowing experience.


Video 3: Interacting

Shadowing is a great way to learn about what a typical day looks like for a healthcare professional. Watch to learn which behaviors are considered professional and unprofessional in a particular health care setting. 

Video 4: Applying

Once your shadowing experience is complete, you’ll want to think about how the experience connects to your educational goals. Watch to learn how to incorporate a discussion of your experience into an application essay or statement of purpose.