Shadowing.healthcare is a collection of resources to help pre-health professions students design and reflect on their shadowing experiences. This site was developed by Claire Clark, a professor of Behavioral Science, and Sara Cooley, a graphic designer, in collaboration with pre-health professions students and the Office of Learning and Observation at the University of Kentucky.  

PREPARE is a series of animated videos that introduce students to the fundamentals of shadowing: how to find a shadowing site, how to prepare for a shadowing experience, how to behave professionally and ethically while shadowing, and how to translate a shadowing experience into an application for a health professional school.

OBSERVE is a series of observational activities that can be completed at shadowing sites. Students can select the activities that best suit their anticipated time commitment, interests, and shadowing setting. Shadowing preceptors or course directors can also direct students to complete particular activities.

REFLECT offers guidance on how to write a reflective essay about a shadowing experience. It also features model essays written by students who have used this website while shadowing.

RESPOND invites anyone who has used this website to contribute reflective writing to the site. We hope to hear from you!